3 Healthy Tips to Keep you Energized all Day

Written by: Adam Stowe

Sleep: We know, you’ve heard it continuously about getting a good night’s sleep. But sleep is a recuperative state. When you lack sleep, your body doesn’t feel at ease. It is fatigued, and can lead to things like:

• Anxiety/Depression
• Heart Disease
• Stroke
• Cancer
• Obesity/Diabetes

Doctors suggest getting at least 7-9 hours of sleep per night. In getting a good night’s sleep, make sure you aren’t going to bed stuffed or starving. Give yourself 2-3 hours for digestion so that your night isn’t interrupted with gas, heartburn, or indigestion. To help, start a ritual that gets you in bed at a desired time, so there are no interruptions or worries when it is time to fall asleep.

Crete Carrier Health, Healthy Tips, Lemon Water Health Tips

Lemon water: When you wake up, start your day off with a cup of warm lemon water. Warm water increases your body temperature and boosts your metabolic rate, which allows the body to burn more calories. Benefits of warm lemon water include:

• Vitamin C can aid in stress and common colds.
• Potassium promotes good heart health, while it stimulates brain and nerve function.
• Pectin is a soluble dietary fiber that can help fight hunger cravings throughout the day.
• Lemons are an alkaline food, which means they support the neutralization of potentially toxic dietary acids.

1. ½ lemon (about 1 tbsp.)
2. 8 oz. glass of warm water

Snacks: Have a hunger craving before lunch or dinner? Snacking is not a bad idea. It just depends what you’re snacking on. Portion control is key, so make sure you’re leaving room for the meal that’s waiting.

Natural-based foods will make for a healthier snack. Greek yogurt, cheese sticks, granola, fruit and nuts are all good examples. Although a food like granola may be a healthier choice, granola bars can be packed with corn syrups, sugars, and countless other ingredients. Read what you eat, it may take some getting used to, but it will help out in the long run.

Foods that are more natural with a good source of protein and/or fiber will prevent from overeating at lunch or dinner. Make sure to keep the snacking to less than 200 calories to ensure of this.

To better understand reading nutritional labels, visit: http://1.usa.gov/1spObyC

Information on Weather and Traffic Conditions

As you know, driving comes with many challenges. This winter has been no exception. Earlier, we posted winter tips on how to stay safe and be prepared. Since that post, we have been asked to put together information on current weather and traffic conditions. To do this, we have compiled a list of websites and phone numbers that will give you the latest traffic and weather conditions to help you better plan your trips.

State Website Phone Number
United States http://www.safetravelusa.com/ 511
Alabama http://www.dot.state.al.us/ N/A
Arizona http://www.az511.com/ 511
Arkansas http://www.arkansashighways.com/roads/roads.aspx 1-800-245-1672
California http://www.dot.ca.gov/ 916-445-7623
Colorado http://www.cotrip.org/ 511
Connecticut http://www.ct.gov/dot/site/default.asp 860-594-2650 800-443-6817
Delaware http://www.deldot.gov/ 800-652-5600
Florida http://www.fl511.com/ 511
Georgia https://www.dot.ga.gov 511
Idaho http://www.511.idaho.gov/ 511
Illinois http://www.idot.illinois.gov/ 217-782-7820
Indiana http://www.in.gov/indot/ 866-849-1368
Iowa http://www.511ia.org/ 511
Kansas http://kandrive.org/


Kentucky http://www.511.ky.gov/ 511
Louisiana http://www.511la.org/ 511
Maine http://www.511maine.gov/ 511
Maryland http://www.chart.state.md.us/ http://roads.maryland.gov/index.aspx?PageId=668 http://md511.org/default.aspx 511
Massachusetts https://mass511.com/ 511

617-986-5511 (Boston) 508-499-5511 (Central) 413-754-5511 (Western)

Michigan http://www.michigan.gov/mdot/ http://mdotnetpublic.state.mi.us/drive/Default.aspx 800-381-8477
Minnesota http://www.511mn.org/ 511
Mississippi http://www.mdottraffic.com/landing.aspx 511
Missouri http://www.modot.org/ http://traveler.modot.org/map/ 888-275-6636
Montana http://www.mdt.mt.gov/ 406-444-6200
Nebraska http://www.511.nebraska.gov/ 511
Nevada http://www.nevadadot.com/ http://www.nvroads.com/ 855-878-6368
New Hampshire http://www.nhtmc.com/ 511
New Jersey http://www.511nj.org/ 511
New Mexico http://dot.state.nm.us/content/nmdot/en.html http://nmroads.com/ 511
New York http://www.thruway.ny.gov/index.shtml https://www.dot.ny.gov/index 511
North Carolina http://www.ncdot.gov/traffictravel/ http://www.ncdot.gov/ 511
North Dakota http://www.dot.nd.gov/
Ohio http://www.ohgo.com/ http://www.ohioturnpike.org/ 614-466-7170
Oklahoma http://www.dps.state.ok.us/cgi-bin/weathermap.cgi 405-425-2385 877-425-2385
Oregon http://new.tripcheck.com/Pages/RCMap.asp 511
800-977-6368 503-588-2941
Pennsylvania http://www.511pa.com/
888-783-6783 215-567-5678
Rhode Island http://www.dot.ri.gov/
South Carolina http://www.dot.state.sc.us/
South Dakota http://www.sddot.com/ http://www.safetravelusa.com/sd/ 511
Tennessee http://www.tdot.state.tn.us/travel.htm https://smartway.tn.gov/traffic 511
Texas http://www.txdot.gov/
Utah http://www.utahcommuterlink.com/ 511
Vermont http://vtransmaps.vermont.gov/VTrans511/511live.htm 511
Virginia http://www.511virginia.org/ http://www.virginiadot.org/ 511
Washington http://www.wsdot.com/traffic/ 511
West Virginia http://wv511.org/ 511
Wisconsin http://www.511wi.gov/Web/ 511
Wyoming http://www.wyoroad.info/ 511

January 2015 Drivers of the Month

Congratulations to all of the drivers below for being selected driver of the month for their respective terminal. Many elements are considered by the individual fleet managers in their selection for Driver of the Month. Safety, mileage, attitude, and appearance are among the key traits of a true professional and a driver who takes a great deal of pride in their work. The qualities you exhibit on the road are exemplary of the type of driver we strive to hire and retain here at Crete Carrier, Shaffer Trucking, and Hunt Transportation. Thank you very much for your commitment to excellence. Your quality and your ability to apply that to the completion of your job are greatly appreciated by everyone at Crete Carrier Corporation.

Company Drivers Terminal Location Company Name
Charles Way Cheyenne, WY Crete Carrier
Debra & Rod Ward Cheyenne, WY Shaffer Trucking
Edward Tamanini Columbus, OH Crete Carrier
Terence Artl Columbus, OH Shaffer Trucking
John Niven, Jr. DeLand, FL Crete Carrier
William Darden DeLand, FL Shaffer Trucking
Barry Misiorek Greensboro, NC Crete Carrier
Harold Mitchell Greensboro, NC Shaffer Trucking
David Gray Indianapolis, IN Crete Carrier
Jay Phillips Kansas City, MO Crete Carrier
Jonathan Haynes Kansas City, MO Shaffer Trucking
Ben Benfield Knoxville, TN Crete Carrier
Derrick Fernandez Knoxville, TN Shaffer Trucking
Silvia Heinrich Lincoln, NE Crete Carrier
John Harris Lincoln, NE Shaffer Trucking
Terry Ellerbee Marietta, GA Crete Carrier
Papa Diop Marietta, GA Shaffer Trucking
Wayne Neisner New Kingstown, PA Crete Carrier
Will Russell, Jr. New Kingstown, PA Shaffer Trucking
Gerald Ward New Kingstown, PA – Northeast Regional Shaffer Trucking
Tony Jenkins North Platte, NE Crete Carrier
Marc Dougherty Omaha, NE Hunt Transportation
Thomas White Phoenix, AZ Crete Carrier
Fred Reiser Salt Lake City, UT Crete Carrier
Kevin Youngblood Wilmer, TX Crete Carrier
George Walker Wilmer, TX Shaffer Trucking
Owner Operators
Sui H. Huang Lincoln, NE Crete / Shaffer
Gaylyn Dicken Omaha, NE Hunt Transportation

Crete Carrier Training Program: The Overview

Driver Training Program, Crete Carrier, Shaffer TruckingAt Crete Carrier and Shaffer trucking, we have a unique training program. Trainers work with a wide range of trainees. Depending on experience, trainees will spend one to eight weeks in training. We hire trainees that have just completed an approved school, drivers transitioning out of the military, and drivers with at least four months of previous experience with another company.  Within our training program, we have a Super Solo status that allows, at trainer discretion, to run up to 19 hours per day.

“We have a good training program for guys who have been on the road for a little while. It’s hands on. It’s not done in a classroom you actually get in the truck, we get you out. You run the student as a solo truck driver so it’s not a rushed environment. It is much more detail oriented”, says Daniel Glenn, Driver. “I like to pass on the knowledge. I’ve had a lot of the older drivers who are retiring from the business teach me, and I want to pass that knowledge onto the new drivers. You get to meet a diverse group of people.”

Our drivers choose to become trainers in order to share their knowledge with new members of the trucking industry. Trainers enjoy showing trainees the tricks of the trade and help foster a love for the industry. An increase in income, newer equipment, and a power inverter are just icing on the cake. Our trainers enjoy creating relationships with their trainees and being a mentor throughout their career. Our elite group of trainers also enjoys the camaraderie amongst themselves and sharing experiences and ideas with each other on different forums, including social media sites.

“When you are thinking about joining a company, talk with other drivers. Just find out about the company first and then have a recruiter call you. Most of the other companies I talked with I didn’t do that”, said David Payne, Jr., Company Driver. “Crete wanted me to find out information on my own about the company by talking with other drivers and to see what they say about the company.  Once I decided to join, they put me with a great trainer. I felt that I’ve known him for a long time. I was very comfortable, and he was very comfortable. We just hit it off, and we had a great time. The training has been very smooth. My favorite part of being on the road. It’s like being on tour. You’re touring the whole countryside.”

Qualified drivers need to have two years of total over the road experience with at least six months experience with Crete or Shaffer. Drivers must not have any major accidents or moving violations within the past year and less than six safety points. Training gives drivers the opportunity to make connections while sharing valuable lessons with trainees. Being a driver trainer also requires patience, good communication and the ability to lead by example. For more information on how to become a trainer with Crete Carrier or Shaffer Trucking, call us today at 800-998-9121.

A Solid Foundation: History of Hunt Transportation

Flatbed Trucking, Open Deck Trucking, Hunt Transportation
At 87 years old, Hunt Transportation is the oldest flatbed trucking companies in Nebraska. Founded in 1927 by Louis Hunt. Hunt began as a milk route, and later moved into hauling bulls, which continued until the 80s. In addition to owning Hunt, Louis also owned Happy Cab, Yellow Cab, and Checker Cab companies in Omaha, NE. When his daughter Gloria married Ben Butler, Louis gave the newlywed couple Happy Cab as a wedding present.

Eventually, Louis retired and transferred all of the companies into Gloria’s name. In a very sad turn of events, Gloria contracted a strange disease and passed away at an early age. Her husband, Ben Butler took over all of the companies, and took care of Louis as well.

Throughout most of it’s storied history, Hunt was an owner operator company. They had only a handful of company drivers, who were hired on to drive investor trucks. When Ben took over operations, he and a few attorneys formed Salt Creek Leasing, purchasing Freightliner Conventionals as the first company trucks.

When Ben was diagnosed with cancer, his son Matt decided to move home to learn the trucking business. At the time, Matt was an actor living in Hollywood. After his father passed away, Matt sold all of the cab companies to his brother-in-law, and oversaw Hunt Transportation.

In 1999, Matt sold Hunt Transportation to Duane Acklie, and the company became part of the Crete Carrier family and has since grown to be one of the nation’s premier flatbed and specialized transportation providers. Hunt now operates over 250 power units and 600 flatbed, drop-deck RGN, and curtail side trailers, serving the entire continental United States. With a history in agriculture, it is no surprise that a large part of business is hauling agricultural equipment throughout the US.

“I love the variety of equipment we haul here at Hunt,” says Daniel Kinsman, Hunt Transportation Driver. “My favorite is hauling combines. It is always a challenge that makes you think. You have to be able to quickly judge whether or not you will be able to make it through something or not. The combines give me a challenge because they are big. Each one secures differently and reacts differently on the trailer.”

Hunt Transportation began as a family company, and today is an integral member of the Crete Carrier family, one the nation’s largest, privately owned transportation companies in the United States. Hunt strives to build personal relationships with all of their drivers.

“I have been with the company for thirteen years,” says John McKinley, Hunt Transportation Driver. “I like visiting the Omaha headquarters because they know my name when I walk in the door. I love my career because I get to see so many interesting places, and I like that I feel like part of the family here.”

For more than 80 years, Hunt Transportation has been a premier carrier on the highway, with some of the best professional drivers. Hunt prides itself on stability, and because of this, drivers stay with Hunt Transportation three times longer than the competition.

Partnering for Success: Be an Owner Operator With Crete Carrier

Crete Carrier Owner Operator, Shaffer Trucking, Owner OperatorCrete Carrier Corporation is invested in the success of all drivers hauling freight for the company, and owner operators are no exception. As a company, Crete works to implement programs that ensure our owner operators run profitably. From the fuel surcharge to the contribution to an IRA account after two years of service, Crete Carrier and Shaffer Trucking recognize the service an owner operator provides.

“We personally value the driver, treat them with respect, and take care of them,” says Tonn Ostergard, President and CEO. “We started as an owner operator company, and we know they play a very important role within our organization.”

Crete and Shaffer take pride in hiring the most professional owner operators the industry has to offer. Success as an owner operator for Crete Carrier Corporation begins on day one, with an extensive orientation, offering drivers valuable company information, expectations, and important company contacts.

“Before we put our drivers on the road, we want to make sure our owner operators have the resources they need to drive successfully,” says Deborah Maloy, Director of Contractor Relations. “We are a family here, and we want all of our owner operators to feel that. We want to build relationships with them and help them be as successful as they want to be.”

In addition to orientation and company support, owner operators have access to all of Crete Carrier and Shaffer Trucking discounts. This includes discounts on tires through Bridgestone, parts, and fuel. By taking advantage of fuel discounts and the fuel surcharge Crete and Shaffer offer, owner operators have the ability to keep fuel costs below $1 per gallon. The fuel surcharge and fuel discounts ensure that each owner operator is running a profitable business.

Although profitability is the ultimate goal for owner operators, Crete Carrier Corporation also invests in his or her future. Drivers who operate 90,000 practical miles per year and have served Crete Carrier or Shaffer Trucking for two consecutive years will be eligible to receive a contribution to an Individual Retirement Account.

The Business Model at Crete and Shaffer is unique to the industry because owner operators really are small business owners. Whether an owner operator currently owns a tractor or desires to purchase a truck, the Business Model is designed to help build a business. Crete and Shaffer’s financing program is a true purchase plan with a reasonable down payment and favorable interest rate, allowing the owner operator to build equity in the purchased equipment and receive actual ownership of the truck with a free and clear title when the last financing payment is made. Currently, interested owner operators have the opportunity to purchase a used 2011 Freightliner Cascadia or 2012 International ProStar.

“Owner Operators and small to medium-sized fleet owners have always been an integral part of Crete Carrier and Shaffer Trucking. It would be difficult to find a more honest, real, and successful owner operator business in the trucking industry. As an independent business owner, you have several pay options and fleets to choose from when deciding where you want to operate your truck. Subsidy payments to offset high fuel prices, IRAs, equipment purchase plans, and other favorable owner operator programs are all geared to help ensure your success,” says Kerry Kearl, Vice President of Owner Operator Division and Equipment Sales.

December 2014 Drivers of the Month

Congratulations to all of the drivers below for being selected driver of the month for their respective terminal. Many elements are considered by the individual fleet managers in their selection for Driver of the Month. Safety, mileage, attitude, and appearance are among the key traits of a true professional and a driver who takes a great deal of pride in their work. The qualities you exhibit on the road are exemplary of the type of driver we strive to hire and retain here at Crete Carrier, Shaffer Trucking, and Hunt Transportation. Thank you very much for your commitment to excellence. Your quality and your ability to apply that to the completion of your job are greatly appreciated by everyone at Crete Carrier Corporation.

Company Drivers Terminal Location Company Name
John Christ Cheyenne, WY Crete Carrier
Mark McKinney Cheyenne, WY Shaffer Trucking
Larry Leadford Columbus, OH Crete Carrier
Phillip Britton Columbus, OH Shaffer Trucking
John Niven DeLand, FL Crete Carrier
Dwight Conrad DeLand, FL Shaffer Trucking
Decorris Reid, Jr. Greensboro, NC Crete Carrier
William Bowman Greensboro, NC Shaffer Trucking
Leonard Santee Indianapolis, IN Crete Carrier
Bruce Pierce Kansas City, MO Crete Carrier
Brian Kendall Kansas City, MO Shaffer Trucking
Tommy Steele Knoxville, TN Crete Carrier
Roger McCollom Knoxville, TN Shaffer Trucking
Katharine Vens Lincoln, NE Crete Carrier
Daniel Vogt Lincoln, NE Shaffer Trucking
Ray Smith Marietta, GA Crete Carrier
Eddie Brazil Marietta, GA Shaffer Trucking
Douglas Smith New Kingstown, PA Crete Carrier
BrianMoier New Kingstown, PA Shaffer Trucking
Ralph Pickering New Kingstown, PA – Northeast Regional Shaffer Trucking
Richard Higley North Platte, NE Crete Carrier
David Pecoraro Omaha, NE Hunt Transportation
John Kautto Phoenix, AZ Crete Carrier
Kay Allred Salt Lake City, UT Crete Carrier
Glenn Stobbart Wilmer, TX Crete Carrier
John & Karen McGehee Wilmer, TX Shaffer Trucking
Owner Operators
Samuel J Vastine Lincoln, NE Crete / Shaffer
Robert Lonquist Omaha, NE Hunt Transportation

Continued Success for Crete Carrier Corporation Sales Team

At Crete Carrier and Shaffer Trucking, we are always looking for ways to improve. We know that in order to be successful, all parts of the company must work together. This is especially true for our sales team and our drivers. Each team depends on the other to make us a successful team. As we move forward to the new fiscal year, we wanted to share some big accomplishments we achieved this year.

2014 was a year of continued momentum and growth with our customers. In addition to the loads we carry for long-standing customers, we have seen an increase in opportunities with new customers who are excited to with us. Much of this new business can be attributed to the trust we have built with our long-standing customers, which is a direct reflection of the hard work our drivers put in.

For Crete Carrier, customers have widely adopted our metro fleet model. We have gained several recent customer awards that will support and grow many of our regional and dedicated fleets. We are also being awarded multiple opportunities for dedicated service that will help us create long term solutions for our customers.

For Shaffer Trucking, we are seeing exciting growth with our national, dedicated, and most recently the Northeast Regional fleets. As a company, we are tailoring our solutions to help meet the needs of our customers, which in turn, benefits our drivers with more miles and better home time.

Over the last year, our customers have worked hard with us to help make loads more attractive for our drivers. As we work together, we have gained more miles per day, as well as more dedicated and regional opportunities.  As we enter 2015, we look forward to building upon our relationships and creating more opportunities that benefit both our customers and our drivers.


Why Women are Important to the Trucking Industry

female driver, women in trucking, driver of the month, crete carrier, shaffer trucking

Transportation is one of the nation’s largest industries; without it, the American economy would not be able to function. Currently the transportation industry employs an estimated 8.9 million people in the United States. On average, that is one out of every fourteen people according to the American Trucking Association.

Even as the economy continues to strengthen, carriers are still struggling to hire enough drivers to keep up with the demand of freight. There are many reasons accounting for the driver shortage, but one thing is certain: In order to keep up with demand, the industry needs to expand its recruiting efforts to attract more quality drivers. One underdeveloped area of recruiting is the female population. We interviewed Ellen Voie, president and CEO of Women in Trucking Association to find out why transportation is an exciting career and why more women are looking toward careers in this industry.


Why are women so important to the trucking industry?
For drivers, because there is a huge driver shortage. Women drivers can bring a lot to the industry. For example, women take fewer risks and are often better with customers and paperwork. Not always, but I say often. There is huge potential to grow our driver base by utilizing the potential of women.

I would like to also mention that it is not just important to hire more women to fill driver positions, but we also need more women in leadership roles. Currently, women fill only 14 percent of leadership roles within the industry. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, women in “nontraditional” careers often earn as much as 30 percent more than those in “traditional” careers.

So what efforts are being made to bring more women into the industry?
Well right now our big push is to speak with women with careers outside of the transportation industry, about the transportation industry. I don’t think as a child many of us thought when we grew up we would be working in this industry, but now that we are here we realize how incredible it really is. And we want to show other women who may not have ever thought about working in this industry that.

One other incredible thing that I just had the opportunity to work on was an event with the Girl Scouts. It was so fun to show a group of 84 young females all of the cool things the transportation industry does. Watching them really engage and get excited was the best part.

What are some barriers women face when entering the industry?
The biggest barrier is image. They don’t picture themselves in the trucking industry. Our big push is to get them to view the industry as a place that they fit in and they are wanted.

A lot of women think you have to be big and burly to drive, and that is not true. The equipment we now have is so much better than it has ever been, truck stops have taken great steps to become a much safer environment, and time away from home is better than it used to be.

I think that our biggest challenge inside the industry is how to change our image. As a whole we need to work harder at getting a positive image out to the public because people will not want to come into the industry unless we can show that it is a safe and profitable place to work and that it can really be a opportunity that benefits the individual and the whole family.

What advice would you give a woman who is trying to get into trucking?
I would tell them to do their research. If it is a driver, find out what truck driving school is the best. Find out everything you can about the carrier – home time, benefits, equipment, and pay. Doing the research will really help them enjoy the position right away, and they will know what to expect.

For women in an office position, I say go for it! None of us went to school dreaming of working in this industry, but we sort of stubble into and realize how exciting and rewarding this career can be. So I just say go for it!


At Crete Carrier, we have made great strides to encourage female drivers to join our team. We strive to provide an excellent training program for our drivers, and we are a Top Pay Certified carrier with a Gold Standard benefits package. This ensures our drivers and his or her family earn the pay they deserve. In addition, we have weekly fleets that give our drivers more home time options.

Within the industry, there are too many misconceptions regarding drivers. At Crete one of our seven principals is “Lead. Follow the road less traveled.” Our drivers are some of the best in the industry and we want to continue to lead the industry in this area.

Women Driver, Female Drivers, Women in Trucking, SiriusXM, Mark Willis

One of our female drivers being interviewed during the Mark Willis radio show for SiriusXM.


A Short History on Shaffer Trucking

Shaffer Trucking, About Us, History PhotoAs one of the nation’s largest haulers of confectionary goods, Shaffer Trucking has over 75 years of feeding America’s sweet tooth. Shaffer Trucking was established in 1937 by V. Domer Shaffer in Hogestown, Pennsylvania, and soon relocated to New Kingstown Pennsylvania. From the beginning, Shaffer built strong relationships with the chocolate industry, which then extended into more diverse products such as meats, frozen foods, and health and beauty products.

After Domer passed away, Duane and Phyllis Acklie acquired Shaffer Trucking in 1974 and officially merged with Crete Carrier Corporation, relocating the corporate headquarters from New Kingstown to Lincoln, Nebraska. New Kingstown still serves as the company’s eastern operational center. The acquisition has proved beneficial to both customers and drivers. Customers have a full service carrier to handle all their temperature control transportation needs, and drivers benefit from an abundance of freight that allows for flexible home time.

Today, Shaffer operates over 1,000 power units with more than 2,800 state-of-the-art trailers. Furthermore, the National Transportation Institute has recognized Shaffer Trucking as a Top Pay Certified carrier. In order to be honored with this categorization, a carrier must qualify in three critical categories: top tier pay, benefits, and carrier stability. Shaffer Trucking also offers a Gold Standard benefits package: health, life, dental, vision, and 401(k). It is our profit sharing program that truly makes us beyond comparison with $8 million distributed in 2014. It ensures that when the company does well, so do you.

There are several reasons why Shaffer has grown and become so successful. First, as a privately held company, they have the ability to make decisions and react quickly to changes in the trucking industry. The company remains debt free, making it unnecessary to leverage their assets to create capital. Most importantly, Shaffer stays focused on their drivers and employees, providing good wages and benefits in a comfortable work environment. Shaffer also keeps their trucks in compliance and their drivers within legal driving hours, allowing the company and its drivers to maintain low CSA scores.

Over the years, Shaffer Trucking has continued to be one of the nation’s premier temperature-sensitive carriers by staying focused on building strong customer relationships. This has allowed Shaffer to create productive routes that give drivers flexibility in home time options while ensuring consistent miles with some of the industry’s best pay.

Shaffer Trucking Welcomes Tim Aschoff as President

Tim Ashoff, Shaffer Trucking, President, Crete Carrier

As we enter 2015, we couldn’t ask for a better foundation on which to build our future than over seventy-six years as a premier temperature controlled carrier. We thank Jack Peetz for his contributions as Shaffer Trucking President. His commitment to ensuring every team members’ success along with his compassion for our customers, has uniquely positioned us to be the best, refrigerated truckload carrier in America. The keys to future success are simple – the right people, long-term customer partnerships, and constant communication.

Today we have over 1,000 Shaffer team members, including the safest, most dedicated and reliable drivers in the industry. We have a dedicated team of personnel that work together to ensure our drivers earn the pay they deserve and meet their home time and personal needs. The great teamwork between our drivers and operations personnel allows us to meet these goals and provide our customers superior service. We are investing in our people.  Beginning Jan. 1, 2015 all Shaffer company, over the road (OTR) drivers will receive a $.04 per practical mile pay increase. When you add in the guaranteed detention pay and two percent increase in miles, that’s more than a 20 percent increase over the past year.  Drivers also receive Gold Standard Benefits including health, dental, vision, life, 401(k), and a profit sharing program that distributed over eight million in 2014.

Our commitment to Safety First and having the best people is also a critical component of successfully serving our customers. Our customer relationships are much more than transactional. We provide practical, reliable solutions, and in turn, our customers work with us to ensure the freight we haul is consistent, efficient, and productive. In the end, these partnerships provide our customers the service they expect and keep our drivers rolling.

While our goal is to be the best temp control carrier in the industry, we know that even with the right people and best customers, we operate in an ever-changing world and challenges arise daily. We view these challenges as opportunities that can be overcome with communication. While we may not be able to find perfect solutions, with constant communication among our office personnel, drivers, and customers, we will achieve our ultimate goals. The right solution will not always be easy, it will not always be quick, but on the road to success “There are No Shortcuts.”

Winter is Here – Tips for Safe Driving

Crete Carrier, Driving Tips, Winter Driving

Winter can be a challenging time of year in the trucking industry. Please see these helpful reminders about preparing for winter weather.

  Make sure to carry serviceable tire chains on your truck Tire Chains

  To decrease winter breakdowns, complete scheduled maintenance and services on timeWinter02

  Always complete a pre-trip and post-trip inspection.Winter03

  Always be aware of road conditions.  When necessary, adjust speed and distance.Winter04

  If at any time you feel it is too dangerous to drive, park in a safe location until road conditions improve.Winter05

  Carry extra windshield washer fluid in your truck to ensure your windows and mirrors are clear of dirt and ice.Winter06

  Carry sand or kitty litter in your truck to use when performing tasks on slick or icy surfaces.Winter07

Healthy Tips for Starting the New Year Strong

Healthy Tips, Driver Health, Over the Road Health, New Years Resolution

As we are finishing out the holiday season, it is likely that you have already made the commitment that getting healthy or losing weight is going to be your New Year’s resolution this year – and that this year it is really going to happen.

How many times have you said this and failed?  If you are like most people, you tell yourself that this will be the year, then after the holiday buzz comes and you’re your plan goes with it.  This can be especially true for a driver.  Staying healthy on the road is a difficult task, but it is certainly not impossible.  We have put together a few tips to help you hit the ground running this year!

Write out your goals
One reason many people fail to meet their New Year’s resolution is because they fail to truly think about the goals they want to achieve.  Think about what you want your end goal to be, and then work backwards.

If you know that you want to lose weight, decide how much weight you want to lose.  Next, start setting milestone goals.  For example, you could set a milestone goal of losing two pounds per week.  Once that has been decided, become more specific.  How will you lose the two pounds?  What will you do each day to help you achieve that goal?  Write these down and keep your goals with you.  Look at them when you need a little bit of encouragement or a reminder of why you started this journey.

Make a plan
Once you have set your goals, start making a plan on how you will achieve them.  Rarely is any major task or project completed without a plan in place.  This plan should include solutions to overcoming the hurdles you will face.  Make the plan fun, flexible, and most importantly doable.

Use a journal
Write your goals and plan in a journal and keep it with you.  Also use the journal to write down excuses, obstacles, barriers, desires, and solutions.  Doing this will help you let out frustrations, but also help you praise yourself when you overcome setbacks.

Take your journey day by day
While it is important to set your big picture goals, remember that reaching these goals will only happen one day at a time.  Each day is one step closer to achieving what you want, so always ask yourself “what I can do today that will get me to where I want to be?”  When you remember to take your journey day by day, you won’t completely fall off track if you have one bad day.

Setting goals, making a plan, using a journal, and taking your journey day by day will help you conquer your New Year’s resolution and get you on track for a healthier you!

A Fond Farewell – Saying Goodbye to Jack Peetz

Jack Peetz, Crete Carrier, Shaffer Trucking, President of Shaffer Trucking

The Crete Carrier, Shaffer Trucking, and Hunt Transportation family honoring Jack for nearly 27 years of service.

It is with great honor and appreciation that we announce the retirement of Jack Peetz, President of Shaffer Trucking.  Peetz started with Crete Carrier in June 1988, and for over 26 years he has been an integral part of Shaffer’s growth and success.

Peetz began his career in Sydney, NE as an associate in a law firm.  After 16 years practicing law, his wife was offered the position of Chief of Staff for Governor Kay Orr.  This required a move to Lincoln, NE.  Peetz applied for the position with Crete Carrier and was hired on as General Council and Chief Operating Officer.  At the time Crete Carrier and Duncan Aviation had a joint agreement, so Peetz split his time between the two companies.

In January of 1990 Peetz was offered and accepted the position of President of Shaffer Trucking.  Shaffer and Crete were still separate corporations, with Shaffer’s corporate office located in New Kingstown, PA.  Peetz moved to New Kingstown, but his wife stayed in Lincoln.  For the first year, the two took turns commuting back and forth every two weeks.  After Governor Orr lost the election, his wife joined him in Pennsylvania.

After nearly two years in Pennsylvania, Peetz and his wife moved back to Lincoln after he was offered the position of Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of Crete Carrier.  In January of 2008 when Shaffer Trucking consolidated operations and moved the corporate headquarters to Lincoln, he returned to the position of President of the Shaffer Trucking Division of Crete Carrier Corporation.

“We couldn’t ask for a better foundation on which to build our future than over seventy-six years as a premier temperature controlled carrier. We thank Jack Peetz for his contributions as Shaffer Trucking President”, says Tim Aschoff, COO & General Council for Crete Carrier Corporation.  “His commitment to ensuring every team members’ success along with his compassion for our customers, has uniquely positioned us to be the best refrigerated truckload carrier in America. The keys to future success are simple – the right people, long-term customer partnerships, and constant communication.”