Being on the road means always having some great stories to tell and quick look through our Facebook Fan Photos will give you an idea of all the interesting things our drivers see everyday. We want to highlight just a few of these interesting pictures so we selected five photos to post here on the blog.

Posted by John at a TA TravelCenter in Nashville, TN

“When I left, the water was at the top of the grill of those trucks, and the entire flatbed deck on the left was under water. One of the drains in the lot that I could see was backflowing like it was a fire hydrant. The water was up to the hubs of my steer tires, so went north of town to exit 104 near the top of the mountain. Guess I won’t be in Jackson, MS at 0100 to deliver this load of…wait for it…bottled water.”
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Posted by Cheyenne

This is “what one does when there in a 7mi backup to entertain themselves.”
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Posted by Thomas

“3 generations of Freightliner at the Crete KC terminal”
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Posted by Jessie

“This was a fun load with a nice shiny recruiting trailer”
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Posted by David

“Taken…while delivering in Crete, NE.”
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Thanks to everyone for posting such interesting pictures on the Crete Facebook Page!

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